We partner with our clients to achieve their business and policy objectives and to protect and enhance their reputations by working strategically and creatively.

We identify key audiences, test and shape message strategy and content, and deliver powerful messages via appropriate media. In addition, we assist our clients in enlisting allies and managing coalitions to influence and shape policy debate and public opinion.

Madison & Company excels at both the “art” and the “science” of media relations, keeping abreast of the rapidly changing architecture of both the real and virtual world. Above all, we focus on seizing opportunities for our clients. Our senior executives have hands-on involvement with our clients, managing accounts and performing critical account duties on a daily basis. Additionally, we maintain a network of specialists, giving us the capability to plan and manage large projects, including crisis communications efforts and multi-faceted campaigns.

Madison & Company is skilled in the advancement of our clients’ public policy aims. We have demonstrated our ability to impact regulations, legislation and trade policy. We are experienced in creating and implementing strategic communications plans – using both paid and earned media – and in bringing together common stakeholders in global, national and local issues.

Our professionals and partners are former White House and Capitol Hill staff, political campaign managers, journalists and researchers. We possess substantive understanding of policy issues. Even more importantly, we know what it takes to shape and move opinion and bring about action on policy matters vital to our clients’ interests.


About Madison & Company

Madison & Company is a Washington, D.C. based public affairs and communications firm that delivers solutions and high impact results for clients that include corporations, trade associations, coalitions, non-profits, philanthropies, cultural institutions and international interests.

Our practice areas include:

  • Foreign Affairs &  International Issues
  • Manufacturing, Transportation  and Trade
  • Health Care
  • Technology and  telecommunications
  • Intellectual Property Protection
  • Cultural Affairs