We partner with our clients to achieve their business and policy objectives and to protect and enhance their reputations by working strategically and creatively.

Public Affairs

We recognize that a powerful way to effect change is through coalitions. At Madison & Company, we manage all aspects of coalitions, including:

  • Strategy development
  • Message delivery
  • Third-party ally recruitment
  • Development of written materials
  • Planning and execution of special events


Research is the backbone of smart messaging, effective advocacy and development of press materials such as by-lined articles (op-eds), press releases, speeches, annual reports, web content, and especially advertising.

We use research to shape an overall communications program, track its implementation and impact, and generate publicity. Research reveals key stakeholders and identifies whether they are allies, opponents or persuadables.

Issue Advertising

Today, more than ever, issue advertising plays a pivotal role in influencing the outcome of public policy debates. Unlike the uncertainty of earned media campaigns, advertising allows clients to control what they say, when they say it and where they say it – so that the message has the greatest possible impact.

We are experts at creating various forms of issue advertising, from Mobil-type “advertorials” and other print campaigns to radio and TV spots. By combining creativity with strategic research and powerful messaging and imagery, we produce compelling ads that attract attention and move decision makers to action. Our professionals have created issue advertising that has helped to move public opinion, to defeat or advance certain legislative or regulatory issues and to improve a client’s public image or reputation. Whether it’s shaping a national discourse or responding to an immediate threat or opportunity, we have demonstrated that we can respond quickly and effectively and adapt our strategies to changing circumstances.

Crisis Planning, Management and Communications

Dealing with crisis is not simply a normal public affairs or communications routine performed in faster motion. Rather, crisis planning, management and communications is the integration of efforts designed to identify and monitor emerging issues, hopefully stopping crises before they start. It is constant monitoring, planning and assessment, which all takes place in a crisis-like environment. This involves:

  • Assessing risk levels for immediate issues
  • Limiting the spread of damage
  • Developing short-term and longer term strategies
  • Identifying appropriate spokespeople
  • Developing proactive and credible messages and responses
  • Implementing a system for rapid response in communicating them

What does a crisis feel like?

  • Surprise, leading to panic
  • Insufficient information
  • Events moving swiftly, and perhaps out of control
  • Intense and unrelenting scrutiny from the outside
  • Onset of a siege mentality with a very short-term focus
  • Chaos
  • A company or institution feels bad and looks worse

Madison & Company senior executives have counseled clients through negative congressional hearings, media exposes, and crises involving product liability, bankruptcy and financial improprieties. In cases such as these, we work proactively with key executives and their legal, financial or government relations advisors to formulate and execute appropriate communications strategies.

Our aim in crisis management is to put our clients in the position to alleviate anxiety and respond with confidence and professionalism, to control information and ensure accuracy, to retain media goodwill, and finally to protect and maintain their corporate reputation by being seen as doing the right thing.

Litigation Support

In any litigation, there are always two battles: one in the courtroom, the other in the court of public opinion. Winning in the court of public opinion is an essential objective for many litigants. Madison & Company works directly with corporate clients and professional associations as well as with law firms to support their clients.

Whether a client is preparing for legal action, facing a trial or hearing, or negotiating a settlement or transaction, our professionals offer effective communications and media relations counseling and services.

We tailor our efforts to the needs of our clients and offer sophisticated strategy and execution. Our activities can be as selective as placing an op-ed or generating a positive news article or as extensive as planning and executing a communications campaign for a protracted legal battle. Telecom, product liability, antitrust and trade are just some of the areas in which we have delivered successful communications support for litigants.


About Madison & Company

Madison & Company is a Washington, D.C. based public affairs and communications firm that delivers solutions and high impact results for clients that include corporations, trade associations, coalitions, non-profits, philanthropies, cultural institutions and international interests.

Our practice areas include:

  • Foreign Affairs &  International Issues
  • Manufacturing, Transportation  and Trade
  • Health Care
  • Technology and  telecommunications
  • Intellectual Property Protection
  • Cultural Affairs